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Discover the richness of Provencal land


Organic Lentils: A nutritional treasure

Our lentils, cultivated with passion on the fertile land of Domaine de la Camarette, are renowned for their authentic flavour and tender texture. Rich in protein and fiber, they are the ideal complement for a balanced diet. Perfect in salad, soup or accompaniment, our organic lentils bring a touch of Provence to your dishes.

Small Organic Sword: Modern wheat ancestor

The little spelt, ancestral cereal, is cultivated on our estate in respect of agricultural traditions. With its soft flavor and light texture, it is ideal for varying pleasures. A source of vitamins and minerals, the small spelt is also appreciated for its digestive benefits.

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Peas Organic chicks: A Mediterranean touch on your plate

The chickpeas of Domaine de la Camarette reflect the sweetness of the Provençal climate. Rich in vegetable proteins, they are the basis of many Mediterranean culinary preparations. Houmous, salads, stews or simply grilled, our organic chickpeas add a gourmet note to your meals.

Small Sword Float and Organic Chiche Peas:
For rustic and tasty preparations

Transformed directly from our small spelt and chickpeas, this flour retains all the nutritional qualities of the cereal. Perfect for making breads, pastries or pancakes, panisses, it brings a rustic and authentic note to your preparations.

Come visit the Domaine de la Camarette

Discover our estate in Provence. Take a stroll through our vineyards, taste our organic products and enjoy a beautiful day in the countryside. A simple and authentic experience awaits you.