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Authenticity and Flavor: The Essence of Our Organic Olive Oil Provencal

Discover the quintessence of Provence through our organic olive oil.

Made exclusively from olive groves of the estate, our oil is distinguished by its fruity and ardent flavor, perfect to enhance your salads, aperitifs and cooked dishes. Each drop is the result of a careful cold extraction carried out during the first press in a local mill. Let yourself be seduced by this authentic Provencal touch that will enhance each of your dishes.

A purely Provencal origin

Our olive grove in Organic Agriculture is mainly planted in olive trees of the local Verdale variety called Aglandau in Provençal.

Its oil gives a green fruity well known for its characteristic notes of raw artichoke and bitter almond.

Olive trees are on small plots bordering our vineyards and on the terrace in the laces of Montmirail.

In the years when the harvest is on schedule, we make olive oil exclusively.

Cold Extraction: The Promise of Unequal Quality

Olive oil

At the Domaine de la Camarette, we attach paramount importance to the quality of our olive oil. This is why we adopt the cold extraction process, a traditional method that preserves all the organoleptic qualities of olive. The first press, a crucial step in this process, makes it possible to extract the best of olive without using heat or chemicals. This technique guarantees a higher quality olive oil, rich in flavours and health benefits.

Sublime your dishes with Our Olive Oil

Olive oil is a versatile ingredient that can enhance a multitude of dishes. Here are some suggestions to fully enjoy its flavours:

Salads and Vinegrets

A few drops of our organic olive oil can turn a simple salad into a Mediterranean delight. Try it in a dressing with balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.


Use our olive oil to cook vegetables, fish or meat. It gives a rich and sweet flavor that enhances the taste of food.

Tartines and Bruschettas

Stir a little olive oil over toasted bread, add a pinch of salt and chopped garlic for a simple and tasty bruschetta.

Pasta and Risottos

After cooking your pasta or risotto, add a fillet of olive oil for a rich and velvety finish.


Yes, you read well! Olive oil can be used in some desserts such as cakes and brownies to give them a mellow texture.

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Cultivated with care and passion in the respect of Provencal traditions, our dried vegetables reflect our commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture. Rich in flavors and nutrients, they are perfect to complete your meals and bring a healthy and gourmet touch to your table.